With the contribution and efforts of Honorable Sh. Mohanlal Sukhadia, the past Chief Minister of Rajasthan , Sh. Barkat Ullaha Khan, the Health Minister of that time and the Finance Minister Sh. B. K. Kaul along with Dr. S.P. Wanchoo, its made possible to start JLN medical College of Rajasthan.JLN Medical College was founded in Ajmer in the year 1965.

Initially , the college was started in the old building of T.B. & Chest diseases hospital with an admission facility of 50 students per year (which has now been increased to one hundred per year). Dr. S.P. Wanchoo, Superintendent Victoria Hospital , an eminent surgeon was appointed as first Principal & Controller of this institute , named after the first Prime Minister of our country , Pandit JawaherLal Nehru . Dr. B. B. Maitraiye and Dr. M.K. Patni were appointed as first head of the department of Physiology & Anatomy respectively. Basic facilities for teaching research were made available and simultaneously , the other department , viz. Pharmalogy Pathology , Forensic Medicine and P & S.M. were developed.

About College Campus & Building :-

Building of this Medical College has four stories. Deptt. of Anatomy, examination hall ,auditorium, college canteen, seminar hall, girls common room, Deptt. of Telemedicine and the office of the principal & controller , all are situated on the ground floor. P.W.D. workshop and the workshop are situated on the backyard of the building and in vicinity of them , there is generator room to overcome the problems of power failure. Similarly there is a bore-well for water supply to this college .

First floor is occupied by the department of Pathology and Microbiology with their laboratories , and the college library which is situated above the office of the principal & controller. Lecture theatre - 1 (L T - 1) & Lecture theatre - 3 (Symphony / LT - 3) are situated on the first floor. Department of Paramacology and PSM along with the Lecture theatre - 2 (LT - 2) have occupied the second floor of the building , where as the department of Physiology and Biochemistry and situted on the third topmost floor of the building . In the deptt. of Biochemistry , their laboratories like RIA Lab are also there on the same floor. Surrounding the main building of the college , there is ample of space for a garden & parking area for faculty members , office staff and the students. Department of Cardiology , Urology T.B. & Chest disease and the Under graduate Boys hostel are also situated in the same campus in their own buildings separately , however ; the deptt. of T.B. & Chest disease has a separate access from Jaipur Road, near to the Suchna Kendra . A fully functional branch of state bank of India is also there in the college building itself.


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